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Corporate Video Production The Pros and Cons of Using Humor on it

The Pros and Cons of Using Humor in Corporate Video Production…

Using humor in your speech or presentation is one of the ways to make your content interesting and very memorable to your audience. If you are going to analyze some of the most successful videos in YouTube that went viral, you will see a common theme in many of them; humor and fun. This leaves us to the question if humor can be used in corporate video production and what are the advantages and disadvantages if it is done?

Elements to Consider When Making a Corporate Video

Before you hire a Las Vegas video production service; take time to know the elements on making a corporate or promotional video first.

  1. Know the objectives of the video presentation first.
  2. Identify target audience.
  3. Compose a content first before shooting.
  4. Relate the concept and content with the objectives and target audience.

In essence, the pre-planning stage involves what should be the message that you want to convey to your audience through your video.

What about Humor?

Humor brings life to any kind of presentation be it verbal or videos. There are many award-winning promotional and advertising videos that have been produced and there are also humorous videos that did not serve its purpose; instead, it damaged the reputation of the company. Thus, humor can either make or break your videos.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production Las Vegas

The Pros of Using Humor

It can make your videos very interesting. It encourages word of mouth promotion; thus, the reach and depth of span of your videos become borderless as more people will get interested with it. Those who are not familiar with your company and products will recall your company name and products after seeing the video.

The Downsides of Using Humor

Comedy and humor is not equal among different types of people. What is funny for one is offensive to another. Thus, when your audience did not get the humorous points of your video, it will create an impression that your future videos will also be the same; bland. If it becomes offensive to other people, then it will not help whatever you want to sell with your corporate video or promotional video.

This is why at the beginning of this article; you were reminded about the elements of making a video. These elements will tell you that humor is not important; it is the satisfaction of the elements that will make or break your corporate or promotional videos.

Tips of Using Humor As Part of Your Video

Whether it is a product video production or training video, it is always safe to treat humor very seriously so as not to damage the intent of the video. Here are some tips:

  1. Keep humor within the limits of your goals, content, and audience.
  2. If you do not find it funny, then do not insist.
  3. Just tell your story without being forcibly funny.
  4. It is the message that is important, not about being funny or not.